Tim Galligan, Founder

Nutrition has played an important role in my life. After struggling with my weight at an early age, I began to understand and appreciate the power of nutrition, which enabled me to transform my life and finally keep the weight off.

As a young professional, I worked with numerous healthy brands to promote the lifestyle that I practiced and enjoyed. But as I traveled the country, I realized how hard it was keeping a healthy lifestyle while always on the go. I grew sick of mixing protein shakes in water bottles, eating processed foods from “restaurants”, and not receiving the amount of protein my body craved.  Throughout my long day on the road, I just wanted to eat the foods I loved while also getting the nutrition I needed.

I searched everywhere for a product that could help but came up empty. That’s when I knew I would need to find my own solution. I immediately quit my full-time job and worked with a world-renowned food scientist to develop TOPBiT. And now, I’m happy to say, there’s a solution to the problem of eating healthy while always on the go.


Tim Galligan |  Dom D’Aleo  |  Chris Murphy

Life is busy, we get it.  We created TOPBiT with one goal in mind- to make your healthy lifestyle more convenient.

Made from 100% plant-based ingredients, our delicious bits are a convenient and nutritious solution to ensure no matter how busy you are, you never compromise your nutrition.

So be you, do you and TOPBiT- It’s nutrition your way.

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