1. What is the overall benefit of TOPBiT?

We’re here to make your healthy lifestyle more convenient. Being health-conscious is really hard especially for those who are trying to juggle it all. TOPBiT is the world’s first protein food topping with one goal to simply make your foods even more nutritious.  No matter your frame of mind, TOPBiT’s got you covered.

  1. How does the product work?

Take a stick of TOPBiT, tear it open, and top any food. Its pretty simple you can continue eating the foods that you love and TOPBiT will make them even more nutritious.  It’s Nutrition Your Way.

  1. What foods do you recommend pairing with TOPBiT?

TOPBiT conveniently adds the nutrients you need to all of your favorite foods without sacrifice. Your motivated Monday Yogurt has around 8 grams of protein naturally. When you TOPBiT with Mixed Berry, your yogurt now has 18g of protein, antioxidants, omega 3-6-9, and all 9 essential amino acids. TOPBiT Savory Herb tastes delicious on that plain garden salad or slice of pizza.

  1. What was the intention behind TOPBiT?

We created TOPBiT because we feel that most people aspire to be healthy but that even the healthiest of people can’t, and sometimes, don’t want to eat healthy all the time. TOPBiT allows you to conveniently add nutrients to any food that may lack the nutritional content you desire. We wanted to create a product that is healthy but also realistic. We want to help people wherever they are in their health journey and no matter their frame of mind.  Whether they are feeling motivated with their Monday yogurt where they can TOPBiT with Mixed Berry or if they want to indulge in a pizza Friday slice they can TOPBiT with Savory Herb. Mission accomplished.

  1. How do I know if TOPBiT is working?

Given that TOPBiT is made from 100%plant-based ingredients, you will feel benefits similar to eating your favorite fruit or vegetables. With each crunchy bit, you are adding omega 3-6-9, antioxidants, 10 grams of protein and all 9 essential amino acids.

  1. What is the difference between TOPBiT and a supplement?

TOPBiT is not a supplement. TOPBiT is made from 100% plant-based, real food ingredients. And, yes, you can actually understand TOPBiT’s ingredients and where they come from we like to think of ourselves as farm- to any food. We are made from plants which make us 100% vegan certified.

  1. Is TOPBiT considered a vitamin?

TOPBiT is not a vitamin or a supplement. Most vitamins are made with synthetic vitamins (yeah, made in a lab). TOPBiT is made from 100% plant-based ingredients.

  1. Is TOPBiT safe for all ages and children?

TOPBiT is safe for all ages and children – real food is great for everyone!  TOPBiT is made from plant-based ingredients. What you see on our label is what you get. We are nut and allergy free, soy free, gluten free and vegan certified. We do recommend that parents read our ingredients carefully just in case their child has a food allergy.

  1. How was this product designed?

TOPBiT was developed in partnership with Rutgers University Food Development Division and former VP of Unilever’s Food Development Division. We looked at a variety of different plant-based foods and decided that Mixed Berry and Savory Herb ingredients were the tastiest

  1. Where is the product manufactured?

TOPBiT is manufactured right here in the USA in a facility in New Jersey.

  1. Where do you purchase your ingredients?

TOPBiT’s ingredients are made from organic plant-based food ingredients from farms right here in the USA. We like to think of ourselves as farm-to-any-food.

  1. Is TOPBiT made from organic products?

TOPBiT’s ingredients are 100% plant-based, real food ingredients from organic produce sourced from farms right in here in the USA.

  1. What is the difference between plant-based and animal-based products?

TOPBiT is a plant-based product. All our ingredients are derived from plants while animal-based products are derived from animals. The majority of supplements are animal-based. Plant-based ingredients help cut down the use of clean water on animal-based products and allow us to help provide clean water for those in need. Nearly 663 million people around the world don’t have access to clean water. Through our product development, we learned how many are affected by the lack of clean water around the world. Given this, 10% of our proceeds are donated to Charity Water to help people around the world have access to clean water.

  1. What types of ingredients make TOPBiT?

TOPBiT is made from 100% real food plant-based ingredients including pea, flax seeds, herbs, mixed berries, hemp seeds, brown rice and chia seeds.

  1. Has TOPBiT been tested by the FDA?

TOPBiT follows FDA regulations and we work very closely with our lead food scientist who is an accredited food scientist licensed by the FDA.

16. What types of health code certifications do you have?

All of TOPBiT’s co-packer and manufacturer partners have all required health code certifications and go above regulation to ensure our product is held to the highest standards.

17. What is your relationship with Charity Water?

We donate 10% of our proceeds to Charity Water to help people around the world have access to clean water. In 2018 we will further our partnership with Charity Water to additionally donate clean water to developing countries around the globe.

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